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Sam is the Founder and Chief Marketing Technologist at Modallic. Modallic specializes in brand development and marketing for Mobile Healthcare Technology (mHealth) firms. As a life-long entrepreneur, Sam directs the mHealth storytelling and mHealth agile marketing process unique to the Modallic approach.

If you want to grab more attention and get more bang for your buck on your Content Marketing investment, add Public Relations to fuel your efforts.

You’ve made a considerable investment of time, effort, and money to create various types and formats of content you believe your Target Audience will find valuable.

Ebook or Guide- Based upon extensive market research, you’ve developed a free download that delivers instant value for your Market.

Landing Page- You’ve designed and created a Killer Landing Page to capture leads that integrates with your CRM and automated email follow-up.

Blog Posts- You’ve written a series of blog posts to educate, engage, and move your readers to take action. Your posts include a Call to Action to get the Free Guide.

Social Media- Your Hootsuite is all cued up to deliver scheduled Social Media messages to support your blog posts and frre guide on all the major Social Media channels.

SlideShares, Infographics, Videos- To generate even more buzz, you’ve created dazzling visual information- a slide deck, infographic, and videos to support the campaign.

Email Follow-Up Series- You’ve written and organized email segmented follow up series to build relationships with those who opt-in to your list and encourage sales.

Tracking, Monitoring, and Testing- All the analytics and testing options are in place and ready to give you the feedback you need to evaluate and tweak your campaign.

So you’ve gone “all in” on this Content Marketing thing…

It seems like all the bases are covered.

But something is missing…

PR Fans the Flame of Your mHealth Content Marketing

With Public Relations you improve communications and build relationships with the various audiences that matter to your mHealth business.

  • Investor relations
  • Relations with industry Influencers or Thought Leaders
  • Community relations
  • Crisis communications when needed
  • Employee relations
  • Media relations
  • Public speaking
  • Relationships with prospects and your clients

Here’s how a sound PR strategy can help your Content Marketing efforts:

1, Establish a Database of Media Contacts- Create a list, contact information, and key people in relevant industry print, online, and trade publications. Reach out with PR to get on the radar of these publications to spread the potential reach of your content.

2. Sync with Media Editorial Calendars-  Print and even online publications release upcoming topics they plan to cover. Identify topics that align with your content marketing efforts.

3. Make Your Pitch- After you have your media database in place, and have an idea of topic opportunities that match your content marketing, pitch your story ideas to relevant media contacts.

4. Scout Out Guest Post Opportunities- Lots of healthcare and technology blogs are looking for executives to contribute to their blog.Guest blog posts can build links to your site and attract a new audience to your blog  and website.

5. Industry Influencer and Potential Partnership Outreach- Does your guide or information add valuable research that Digital Health  and Mobile Health thought leaders would find valuable? Make an effort to get your content in front of them. Then, if it makes sense and there’s a mutual business connection, explore ways to tap into each others networks to co-promote events, webinars, new products and services, and websites.

6. Land Speaking Engagements- Identify opportunities to speak at industry events, or participate in a podcast, webinar, or Google HangOut with other industry leaders. This highlights your firm’s credibility, expertise, thought leadership, and exposure in the industry. 

Investing in Content Marketing doesn’t come cheap. It requires a considerable investment of time, effort, and yes, money. Get the best return on your Content Marketing investment. Follow these 6 steps to get more mileage out of your Content Marketing efforts. 



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