Simple mHealth Marketing Messages
Sam Stern

Sam is the Founder and Chief Marketing Technologist at Modallic. Modallic specializes in brand development and marketing for Mobile Healthcare Technology (mHealth) firms. As a life-long entrepreneur, Sam directs the mHealth storytelling and mHealth agile marketing process unique to the Modallic approach.


“I wouldn’t give a fig for the simplicity on this side of complexity. I would give my right hand for the simplicity on the far side of complexity.”  -Oliver Wendell Homes,Jr.

Healthcare and Information Technology are smack in the middle of complexity.

Many mHealth firms make a big mistake.

They tend to OVER-Simplify on the front side. They look for the quick, easy Marketing answer.

They focus on tactics such as Social Media, Press Releases, or landing a feature article in a national publication to gain mass exposure of their product or service.

As a result, rather than achieving simplicity that their prospects can understand in their marketing messages, they add to all the noise and confusion.

The result?

Prospects tune out or ignore their marketing message.


The 15 Word Strategy Statement


Check out this Harvard Business Review article. It walks you through a process to craft a 15 word strategy statement.

It’s brilliant in its simplicity. 

Simple… yet not easy.

Doing this exercise sounds easy.

But to nail it, you need to apply effort and thinking.

You must:

  • Understand who your target customer is.
  • Have a deep understanding of your target customer’s pains and desires.
  • Know how your product or service provides real value in eliminating the pains or delivering the desire.
  • Know the ultimate end result you deliver that differs from your competition.


Here’s another simple Marketing Message approach…


The “Six Words or Less” Challenge


To discover the six words to sum up your marketing message, four values must be applied to your thinking process.

1, Segment Your Market- Pinpoint exactly WHO your product or service helps.

2. Make It Specific- Use specific words and phrases. “It’s the difference between writing “the two consumers” and writing “Jack and Jane.” The latter turns a vague description into two real people.”

3. Clarity Rules- Avoid jargon and technical IT or medical terms. Make it so clear a fouth grader understands what you’re saying.

4. Proof of Benefits- Forget talking about all the cool technology and how it’s better than the competition. Focus on two-three key benefits that deliver real value for the customer.

Invest some time and effort in doing the two exercises outlined in the articles mentioned above.

It will help you deliver a simple marketing message that clicks with potential buyers.

It IS now up to you.







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