I passionately believe Mobile Health will help millions of people live healthier and better lives.

As a result, Modallic, a branding and marketing firm specializing in mHealth, was born, founded upon a lifetime of growing, building, and developing businesses.

What drives and fuels this passion for Mobile Health Marketing?

Since my first paper route as a youngster, I’ve lived the entrepreneur’s life, building and growing businesses. Fast forward over fifty years later, and now I’m the only family member to live beyond age 60, so yes, health care is personally important to me.

An appreciation for the power of storytelling in marketing, crucial and extremely effective in marketing mHealth technology solutions, stems from over twenty years spent in radio.

Here at mhealthMarketer, I share my insights on branding, marketing strategy, communications, social media, mobile technology, mHealth, agile marketing process, and health care.

If you are an mHealth firm seeking brand development and marketing direction, please visit Modallic to determine if our services can help your branding and marketing efforts.

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Sam Stern

Founder and Chief Marketing Technologist, Modallic