Print Is NOT Dead: Digital Health Marketing Goes Analog
Sam Stern

Sam is the Founder and Chief Marketing Technologist at Modallic. Modallic specializes in brand development and marketing for Mobile Healthcare Technology (mHealth) firms. As a life-long entrepreneur, Sam directs the mHealth storytelling and mHealth agile marketing process unique to the Modallic approach.

“Ridin’ in a Stutz Bear Cat, Jim
You know, those were different times!”  Sweet Jane lyrics, Lou Reed

With Lou Reed’s recent death, rock and roll fans from Reed’s NYC roots, and all across the world, were spinning vinyl Velvet Underground tributes.

Today with  a quick tap on an iPhone we can instantly download and listen to music in our pocket.

But sometimes, nothing replaces slapping vinyl on a turntable and cranking up the amp.

Likewise, we can use that same iPhone, shoot a photo, add 140 characters… BOOM! Instant marketing content.

But sometimes, good old ink on paper makes sense to carry and deliver the marketing message.

7 Reasons to Consider Print in Your Digital Health Marketing

1. Grab Attention- Your prospects and clients now receive less snail mail. Fewer print magazines and newsletters arrive in the mailbox. Even postcards and personal letters are rare today. Your print piece stands out as different.

2. Retain Clients- One big challenge digital marketers face is retaining clients after the sale. If you used digital media to woo clients, clients tend to ignore your email, blog posts, and online content. Keep them plugged in with print.

3. No audience development costs- You already built a list of your top prospects and clients. Why not leverage it with print?

4. Old Is New- In today’s social media, online content, and mobile app world, what’s different? What’s new… again? Print.

5. Teach clients what questions to ask- Buyer hop online to find answers. Where to they go to learn what questions to ASK? Challenge your prospects and clients. Put it in print.

6. Print still excites- Print still has the perception as more credible, more valuable than online content. An interview in a print magazine carries more weight than one features in a blog post.

7. Print allows people to unplug- Many prospects and clients relish those moments when they can escape the tether of the phone and the computer. Print rewards people with time to reflect and think about the content and the message without distractions.

 Is print part of your digital health content marketing strategy? 

Yes, it’s a different time in marketing. 

Take a Walk on the Wild Side.

Print it and send it out.



photo credit: dno1967b via photopin cc

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