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Sam is the Founder and Chief Marketing Technologist at Modallic. Modallic specializes in brand development and marketing for Mobile Healthcare Technology (mHealth) firms. As a life-long entrepreneur, Sam directs the mHealth storytelling and mHealth agile marketing process unique to the Modallic approach.


“In the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” -Carles Darwin

Building an effective content marketing and media platform that attracts prospects and lands clients for your Health It firm is a process of evolution.

You evolve in your understanding of your Market.

Your Marketing Message evolves based upon feedback from your Market.

The Media you use to reach your Market and deliver your Message evolves.

You move from building your Owned Media Platform- your website, blog, downloads, email follow-ups, podcasts, webinars…

To gaining increased exposure and marketing support from Earned Media.

The Perfect Marketing Partner… or team of Marketing Partners… can make or break your Health IT business.

Don’t go it all alone. Evolve your Marketing.

Collaborate. Improvise. Prevail.

This article reveals the 5-Step Process to Finding Perfect Marketing Partners.


Find Perfect Marketing Partners for Your Health IT Firm


Here’s the summary of the 5-step process to finding perfect marketing partners to help build your brand awareness and authority in the market.

1. Determine your most relevant, valuable, and opportunistic keywords.

Focus on uncovering the top 25 keywords that deliver the most bang for your target audience. This post shows you how to find high search volume, low competition relevant keywords.

Write 25 posts that target these keywords to test traction. You’ll discover the top 5-10 most valuable keywords for your business.

2. Do a Google Blog Search of your top 25 keywords.

Use Google Blog Search to find the top 10 blogs for each keyword. Create a spreadsheet to record the website address for the corresponding keyword.

For example, suppose you provide mobile patient engagement solutions for cardiologists. Your top keywords might be: “cardiologist practice management”,  cardiologist patient management”, or “patient communications for cardiologists”. Conduct a Google Blog Search on each of these keywords and record the top 10 blog sites you find.

3. Identify the Top 10 Authority Blog sites.

If you have 25 keywords and 10 different sites per keyword, you have 250 potential sites. You’ll discover some repeats of sites for different keywords. 

Check the sites showing up for multiple keywords in MultiPageRank Checker. This tool gives you the Google Page Rank or Authority of the site. Sites with a greater number of authority links and quality content will rank higher.

Read and review the top 10 ranked sites after this exercise. These 10 sites are your Top 10 Marketing Partner Prospects.

4. Study and Interact with the Top 10 Sites.

Do your homework. Read 5 posts related to your keywords. Get familiar with the tone, style, and type of content on the site. What type of posts do they use? How is the content presented and written? How long are the posts? Are the posts friendly and conversational, or more business-like  and factual? How long are the posts? Do you notice guest posts? What resources do they cite?

What is the interaction on the site? Do posts have lots of insightful comments? Is the content shared in Social Media? 

What insights can you add… without pushing your agenda… to the comments or Social Media?

Your research and efforts should reveal the top 5-8 potential Marketing Partners that best fit your business.

5. Develop relationships with these blog sites.

Leave insightful comments on the posts. Follow the author or site owner on Social Media. Share and comment on the content on Social Media.Ask questions in email or Social Media.

After a time of interacting, rapport building, and getting on the radar of the site, pitch a couple post topic ideas.

Explain the value and benefits for both the site and the readers of the site that your posts will offer.

Once you publish your posts on these authority sites, you expand your marketing reach. The site owners will promote the content you provide. The authority site owners will publish posts on your blog. You identify authority voices to interview in podcasts. 

You’ll build your authority. Your site will attract more qualified traffic and you’ll generate more targeted potential client leads.

Yes, finding the Perfect Marketing Partners takes time and effort. 

But, if you’re serious about evolving your Health IT business to the next level, it pays to collaborate and improvise with the recognized authorities in your market.


To attract Perfect Marketing Partners, you must have the ability to deliver “Killer” Content.

Learn How to Create “Killer” Marketing Content. Grab the FREE Guide here.




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