3 Key Benefits of Managing Health IT Content Marketing with Hubspot
Sam Stern

Sam is the Founder and Chief Marketing Technologist at Modallic. Modallic specializes in brand development and marketing for Mobile Healthcare Technology (mHealth) firms. As a life-long entrepreneur, Sam directs the mHealth storytelling and mHealth agile marketing process unique to the Modallic approach.


Congratulations… you’re committed to Content Marketing in your Health IT business.

You realize the value of providing content to educate, engage, and inspire your prospects.

You know the Buying Journey today is different. You must build relationships for potential buyers with content. Your content grabs attention, gets prospects to like you, and builds trust. All three of these elements are required to move strangers into clients.

Content Marketing has lots of moving parts.

To stay on top of everything, Marketing Automation is needed.

Here at Modallic, we use Hubspot.

And as a Hubspot Partner, we recommend Hubspot for clients committed to Content Marketing.


Content Marketing Management: 3 Key Hubspot Benefits


Moving qualified leads through your Marketing Sales funnel is the key to success in Content Marketing. Content Marketing is part art and part science. Your gut instincts and experience about your target audience often times hit the mark. But, likewise, frequently, what you think and KNOW about your target market fails to hit the mark. It requires testing and understanding the subtle little things and insights you learn about what your market wants. It takes an agile approach to Content Marketing and Creation- Create, Test, Learn, and Adjust.

Hubspot provides the marketing data you need to make smart adjustments to your Content Marketing. You make smart adjustments based upon what prospects actually DO, not what your instincts tell you they should do.

Here are the 3 Key Areas Where Hubspot Shines in managing your Content Marketing:

1. Tracking Conversions on Landing Pages- Content Marketing is all about scaling how you build relationships with qualified prospects. This courtship starts when an interested visitor to your site decides to opt-in to your email list. Your Landing Pages act as the gatekeeper to your world.

You’ll want to test Headlines, Offers, and Calls To Action on your Landing Pages. Increasing your conversion rate at the top of your marketing funnel is one of your key marketing metrics. You want to constantly strive to make incremental improvements to your opt-in rate.

In addition, you want to offer additional content to your prospects to pinpoint their areas of interest. Offering additional Free Guides or webinars that require an opt-in helps you to move prospects through the Buying Journey.

2. Email List Segmentation- With Hubspot, you have the ability to sort your prospects into Workflows.

For instance, suppose you provide complete EHR services for hospitals…

On the Landing Page form, you might ask:

What’s Your Biggest EHR frustration? You provide a drop down list of answers, such as:

  • Training staff
  • Integrating with current IT systems
  • Efficient input of data
  • Determining and selling the value to internal stakeholders

Based upon the response chosen, you segment the prospects into an Email Follow-up Workflow that feeds information about their specific challenge.

3. Lead Scoring- Based upon the prospects interaction with your content and the activity they take on your site, with Hubspot you have the ability to automatically score your leads.

For example, suppose you learn that once a prospect downloads two of your free guides and reads a total of 15 related blog posts, they have an 80% likelihood to agree to an initial 15 Minute Discovery Phone Call. 

In Hubspot, you can automatically send an email invite to schedule the Discovery Call. Your email directs the prospect to a Landing Page to schedule the call.

With Lead Scoring, at a glance, you can manage your Marketing/Sales funnel. You make sure your best prospects don’t slip through the cracks. You invite them to take the next step without sales pressure.

 Is Hubspot the right tool for you?

If Content Marketing is a key part of your marketing mix, Hubspot helps you stay on top of all moving parts. It keeps your Content Marketing focused and disciplined.

Is Content Marketing the answer for your Health IT business?

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